Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Correct Golf Course Pronunciation

If you haven't been to Maui before, chances are you will have a hard time pronouncing all the words that are going to be tossed your way as soon as your feet hit Maui. Don't worry as this happens to everyone. But, you can get a good grasp of Hawaiian pronunciations by correctly saying each golf course name.

Makena- Muh-ken-uh...not mack-een-uh...not muh-keen-uh
Wailea- Y-lay-uh...not Y-lee-uh...not Y-may-uh (Waimea is actually on the Island of Oahu)
Elleair- L-E-air
Kahili- Ka-he-lee...not Kuh-hill-ee...not Kuh-lee-hee
Pukalani- Poo-kuh-lah-nee...not Puck-uh-laney
Ka'anapali- Ka-ahna-pah-lee...not Can-nippley (Yes, we have heard that one)
Kapalua- Kah-pah-lew-uh...not Cap-uh-lew-uh

So, those are the golf course names. How about some city names.

Kahului- Kah-who-lewey...not Kah-ha-lewey
Kihei- Key-hay...not Key-high
Lahaina- Luh-high-nuh...not Luh-hay-nuh...not Luh-hee-nuh
Hana- Ha-na...not Han-uh
Waiehu- Y-eh-who
Napili- Na-pee-lee...not Na-pill-ee

No worries if you can't pronounce it, we hear all types of mispronunciations day in and day out and eventually we get the gist of what you want and will be willing to help you out.

Now, try this one on for size...Humuhumunukunuku apua'a.
(hint) Its the state fish.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wailea Emerald

Ahhhh, the beautiful Wailea Emerald course. Yours truly got another chance to play this fantastic course this past Sunday. I was a little skeptical about playing out there as they have just aerated. Boy, was I wrong!

The greens were in very good condition and the ball rolled very well. Although a little slow, there was no change in direction due to those nasty-bumpy aeration holes.

The Wailea Emerald course is a fun course for both professionals and high handicap amateurs alike. Compared to Wailea Gold, the Emerald is a little shorter in length and plays just a little bit easier.

Although a little easier than its sister course, the Emerald is still no slouch. A tough par 3 awaits you on the 3rd hole. But, a driveable par 4 makes up for it on the 4th hole. And once you think you just might be playing okay, along comes the killer 5th and 6th holes.

But don't worry, the rest of the course is not as hard as those holes.

Once again, the Wailea Emerald offers a little something for every golfer. In this professionals opinion, it is a definite must play while on Maui!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Airline Baggage Fees

Planning on coming to Maui?
Are you planning on bringing your golf clubs so you can play golf?
Did you know that the majority of the airlines that serve Maui are charging fees for checking extra bags?
Did you know that you can rent brand name golf clubs from Maui Golf Shop and skip the hassle of packing, lugging and now paying to bring your clubs with you?

The major airlines that serve OGG airport on Maui are: American, Continental, Delta, Hawaiian, Northwest, United and US Airways. All but one of these airlines has instituted a "Checked bag fee." Fee's usually range within the $15-$25 area, but some even reach $50 for a second checked bag. The prices listed below are for one way only.

American: $15 for first bag, $25 for second, bags 3-5 $100
Continental: $15 for first bag, $25 for second bag
Delta: No charge for first bag, $50 for second bag, $125 for a third bag and $80 after
Northwest: $15 for first bag, $25 for second bag
United: $15 for first bag, $25 for second bag ($50 after Nov 10) $125 for bags 1-4, 5 or more $250!!!
US Airways: $15 for first bag, $25 for second bag, $100 for bags 3-9
info obtained from www.airfarewatchdog.com

So, forget the hassle of packing those golf clubs and lugging them to the airport. Forget the fees associated with checking them. Forget trying to shove them into a rental car. Forget having them stored in your hotel room where they just get in the way. And don't worry about discovering that your clubs were broken during the journey. Just stop by our store in Kihei and we can set you up.

P.S. We also do club repair.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breath of Fresh Air for the Greens

Here's the latest on aeration schedules for Maui courses.

Fall is the time when the courses start aerating their greens so they will be in top shape for the winter season. But have no fear, they all won’t be done at the same time. So, if you’re planning on coming to Maui to play some golf, you will still be able to have a great time playing our great courses!

Aeration means that the greens are punched with holes and filled with lots of sand to make them stay healthy. They are still playable, but will be slow and bumpy. After aeration, it usually takes about 10 days for the greens to get back to perfect playing conditions. Of course, this depends on the type of equipment used to punch the greens and the amount of sand used to fill the holes.

Fall 2008 Aeration Dates
Here are the current aeration schedules for several of our courses. As other courses post their schedules, we will update in the coming weeks.

Dunes Sept. 26 - half greens, pins on non-aerated side
Elleaire Sept. 10
Ka'anapali Kai (South) Aug. 26-30
Ka'anapali Royal (North) Sept. 16-21
Kahili Sept. 16-18
Kapalua Bay Completed
Kapalua Plantation Sept.3-5
Makena North Late Sept
Pukalani Sept. 15-16
Wailea Blue Sept. 17-18
Wailea Gold Aug.12-13
Wailea Emerald Sept. 8-10

Challenge at Manele Completed
Experience at Koele Sept. 16-17

Once again, don't let "aeration" scare you away from golfing on Maui. Even with greens aerated and sanded, these courses still play great!

The start of Maui Golf Report

Aloha everyone,

Welcome to the first of what are soon to be many pages of The Maui Golf Report. In these pages we will be updating you on everything that is Maui Golf. From course aeration schedules to the words coming through on the "Coconut Wireless." This blog is going to be your first and foremost source of golf on the "Valley Isle."

So, stay tuned, more information is coming soon!