Sunday, November 30, 2008

LPGA Cont has been over a month since I last updated this blog. And, I am sure everyone is wondering how the LPGA caddy gig went.

I can honestly say that I had a blast caddying! The player that I was paired with was easy going and fun to be around. That made carrying a staff bag a little easier on the feet, back, shoulders, hips and brain. We got a practice round in on the Tuesday before the event and it was the first time I had ever walked the Kapalua Bay Course. Life was easy as my boss just wanted me to clean clubs after every shot and clean the ball once she marked it on the green. She did all the yardage measurements.

The first round of the event went so-so. After 18 holes she was a little behind the 8 ball. Besides, it was only round 1. The second round was looking to be a little more promising. Her driver, which she said has been keeping her out of the money this year, straightened out with a little tip from me. After 9 holes she was 1 under for the day and 6 over for the event. Then the back nine hit.

We ended up missing the cut. But, I was glad that I got to be a part of this tournament. My player and I still keep in contact. At last word she was qualifying for the Futures Tour; where she won the previous year.

Caddying was a big eye opener for me. I watched these ladies "Think" there way around the golf course, rather than try to overpower it. These ladies knew what shots they felt comfortable with and they used them to their advantage. They NEVER tried a shot that they didn't know! These ladies know and do one thing. CONSISTENCY! Each one had a "Go to shot" that they played extremely well. One lady in our group never used a tee when she teed off with her driver. She made a little divot with her sand wedge and then hit the ball off the top of the divot. My gal's "Go to shot" was the knock down.

Before closing this blog, I do have one thing to say; go watch an LPGA event or watch one on TV. Male golfers can learn a lot from watching these ladies play. Like the ad says "These girls rock!"