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Golf on Lanai- And What Else?

Aloha from the Maui Golf Shop!

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 First we will give a summary of what the golfers can expect on Lanai.
Expeditions Ferry To Lanai

The Lanai 36 Hole Package.   It starts with a ferry to Lanai at 6:45AM out of Lahaina Harbor.  You can play the Challenge at Manele twice as the Experience at Koele is being renovated.

You arrive to Lanai at 7:30AM where you are greeted by the Four Seasons Shuttle.   You pay them $10 for the day and they will transport you back and forth between the Ferry and two courses.   

Experience at Koele (closed)
From the ferry, you will be transported to the    Challenge at Manele and Lanai City.    You will arrive around 8:20AM.   This gives you plenty of time to warm up.   

The pace of play on Lanai is fast.  You can finish golf in about 3.75 to 4 hours.   Golf on Maui can be much slower.  Some courses you can expect to take 5 hours for a round.  

Challenge at Manele Club House
You can then have a  leisurely lunch at the club house before catching the ferry back.  Or if you choose you can replay The Challenge..

Sea Cliffs at the Challenge at Manele
You will likely tee off the Challenge at Manele around 1:00 PM.   Bring your camera.  You will finish the course with plenty of time to relax at the 19th hole- Manele Club House.   The shuttle will pick you up and take you back to the ferry for the 6:45PM departure.    back on Maui by 7:30PM.    

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She can ride along. The rider fee rate per course is $30

  The rate per course is $30 


Hulopoe Beach on Lanai

The family can hang at the Beach and/or visit Lanai City-   Hulopoe Beach at Manele Bay is seconds from the Challenge at Manele and is the beach directly in front of the Four Seasons.   The family can hang out at the beach while he plays golf.   The beach offers public bathrooms for convenience.   You can also make reservations at the Four Seasons to have lunch.   

The family can also go to Lanai City with the Hotel Shuttle.  Remember Lanai is a sleepie island so going to Lanai means you relax and get away from busy life.  Dont expect to shop at Banana Republic...you will find a cute town to sight see. 

  Excursions-   There are various excursions you can do while on Lanai.   Many are affiliated with the Four Seasons.    Our best recommendations are...
Snorkeling on Lanai

  • Trilogy Discover Lanai-  Take a catamaran to Lanai with Trilogy.  You will snorkel, swim, see Dolphins, see Lanai City, play on the beach, eat great food...  and so much more.   The Trilogy has been doing this tour for over 30 years.   It has been featured on Opra.   The golfers and family will travel separately to Lanai but you will both be on Lanai and seeing all it offers...

  • Go Horse Back Riding-  The Four Seasons Lodge at Koele offers Horse Back Riding from real Hawaiian Paniolo's  (Hawaiian for Cowboys).

UTV Tours on Lanai

  • Guided UTV Tours-   Take a guided tour of Lanai on state of the art UTV vehicles.   Get the opportunity to explore remote areas not accessible by car or hiking   The highlight of the trip is the top of the Munro Trail where the scenery is unmatched and is awe-inspiring.   You will see safari like scenery with various wildlife like axis deer or mouflon sheep. 

  • Sporting Clays and Archery-  A novice or expert, come enjoy the amenities at Lanai Pine Sporting Clays.  

In summary, there is plenty to do on Lanai while the golfers golf.   Call the Maui Golf Shop and we can make your trip to Lanai an awesome unforgettable experience.  

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